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Applus+ Technologies have extensive international experience in wotking with Government Agencies, Vehicle Manufacturers and Traders. We develop solutions which are tailor made to the clients needs and deliver best in class vehicle inspection solutions.

Our  team are continuously involved in developing innovative technological solutions to the highest standards in quality managment systems

Applus Thinking + Precision Engineering Drives Ongoing Innovation
Applus leverages its engineering and software expertise in vehicle emissions testing to develop unique solutions for mission critical business functions and processes. We augment our expertise with a broad range of strategic relationships with hardware and software providers to ensure we have the greatest flexibility in choosing the best components to integrate when creating the right solution for each client.

ISO 9001 Certification
As a formal commitment to quality, Applus’ Quality Management System (QMS) achieved ISO 9001 Certification—the global standard of excellence for Quality Management Systems. Applus professionals share our dedication to quality management. In addition to holding numerous industry certifications, our engineers, project managers, implementation teams and support personnel are among the best-trained in the industry.

Leveraging Existing Technology to Create New Solutions
Innovation has become an Applus hallmark as our engineers customize and retool our core technologies to create new solutions for solving tomorrow’s business challenges. Enhanced security, more certain authentication and robust asset management, for example, are extended applications of Applus engineered technologies first used in vehicle emissions testing programs.


Applus+ Technologies

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Applus+ achieves certification of its Smog DADdyTM products

Applus+ through Applus Technologies- announces formal certification of its SmogDADdyTM products by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

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Success Stories

Applus training
Salt Lake & Weber County Utah Vehicle Emissions Testing Programs

Applus is currently the management contractor for the Salt Lake and Weber County Vehicle Emissions Testing Programs. In these programs, Applus successfully designed, developed, implemented, and transitioned the decentralized programs from the existing contractor’s system to an all-new Applus program network.

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