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Driver Testing Inspection

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Applus+ specializes in the development of electronic examination systems for the testing and monitoring of driver safety and performance. This testing can lead to significant cost savings for the governments where Applus+ provides for the administration of driver knowledge and practical roadside driving.
Applus+ has developed an in-house web portal that enables applicants to book their driving test. This facility allows the applicant to choose from a number of dates and times that are most suitable. The application can allow the client to open the required number of slots depending on the staff available on the day. This web-based solution was designed and developed based on client requirements, so now it is an extremely user-friendly, highly efficient and cost-effective system.  
The development of mobile technology such as DriveSuite, DrivewAtch and DriveQuiz provides clients with an electronic solution for capturing and transmitting road test information used to grant licenses to drivers.
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