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Vehicle Inspections

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Applus+ has worldwide experience in vehicle inspection, enabling us to provide clients, primarily consisting of Government, policymakers and regulators, with an effective roadworthiness system for all types of motorized vehicles ranging from commercial and passenger vehicles to motorcycles.

We provide best-in-industry products for numerous emissions testing programs. These products include gas analyzers, diesel opacity meters, driver safety telematics, next-generation on-board diagnostics and vehicle information platform technologies. The diverse Applus product line makes us an especially valuable partner for improving vehicle safety and maintenance profiles.

Depending on the client requirements, Applus+ can provide the following:

  • Customized Inspection Network Design and Management
  • Customized modular hardware and software
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Inspector Training and Certification
  • Robust anti-fraud management
  • Station and Program Staffing
  • Innovative Technological Solutions
  • Equipment Testing and Rollout
  • Motorist Services

Applus+ has extensive knowledge in the implementation and operation of statutory automotive inspection programs for both commercial and light good vehicles.

Applus+ can leverage its extensive experience as a provider of custom technology solutions in order to develop a comprehensive, multi-faceted technology solution that can specifically meet all of the client’s needs, thus resulting in a versatile, integrated application specific to the client’s requirements. Applus+ develops solutions based upon the knowledge, experience and technologies needed in order to fulfill the specific client requirements.

Our professional technology teams design, develop and implement solutions that integrate technical expertise, hardware, software, infrastructure, training and ongoing support programs management throughout the duration of the contract.

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