ABC Systems

Applus Basic Component (ABC) System

Out of the Box: Applus Basic Component (ABC) System

Are you faced with the responsibility of obtaining additional SIP credits for your emissions inspection program? If you only require minimal changes to your state-managed program, Applus offers an “elementary” approach that makes adding new, stand-alone emissions inspection components as easy as ABC. That’s because the Applus Basic Component (ABC) System provides a flexible menu solution that makes it easy and affordable to add additional emissions inspection products and services to complement the components of your existing emissions inspection program.

The ABC System gives program administrators the flexibility to add or remove services and products to suit local needs and meet the requirements for additional SIP credits. With a multitude of à la carte products and services—and shorter contract terms—the ABC System is the industry’s smartest choice for simple and flexible customization. Plus, once implemented, the ABC System can be easily managed and/or operated by the local program administrator.