Emissions Inspections

Applus Leverages its Expertise and Leadership in Vehicle Safety and Emissions Testing to Provide Next-Generation Solutions for Meeting Compliance, Operational and Environmental Goals
Applus has pioneered the integration of engineering, technologies and IT to create industry-best solutions for developing, implementing and managing vehicle emissions inspection programs. We are a full-spectrum provider of vehicle safety inspection and emissions testing hardware and software, and related program management services throughout the world. In addition to providing hardware, custom software and comprehensive program management services - which include inspector and station certification, training, auditing, waiver and referee services, and public information and consumer protection outreach - Applus specializes in providing robust networks and vehicle inspection databases, and Dashboard management and reporting suites.  Applus works with government at all levels - city, county, state, national and international - to deliver customized, quality solutions, on-time and as promised, to help jurisdictions achieve their program goals related to air quality and safer roads.
The Experience to Handle Large-Scale Inspection Initiatives
Applus is a global leader in the vehicle emissions inspection industry. Applus programs help governmental agencies more effectively address today’s environmental and safety concerns in the face of today’s financial constraints. Applus has consistently met stringent state procurement and contract requirements for nearly two decades. We understand the complexities of regulatory compliance such as the federal reporting requirements of the U.S. Clean Air Act. Applus supports our clients’ compliance reporting requirements with robust data management and reporting functionalities that are integrated seamlessly in our comprehensive solutions. Equally important, Applus understands the need to deliver cost-effective solutions that minimize government spending while maximizing productivity. The number and duration of government contracts awarded to Applus evidence our success.
Global Reach
Applus expertise in the design, development, implementation and management of inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs has won the company numerous government contracts and worldwide recognition as a leader in this industry. In the United States, the company currently manages Applus programs for the states of Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois and Washington, and the Utah counties of Salt Lake and Weber. Applus also manages programs in The Republic of Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Finland, as well as Andorra, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.
The ingenuity and quality of Applus engineered I/M equipment and software is unmatched in the industry today. In fact, Applus products are now used by businesses in 47 states in the U.S. and more than 55 countries around the world.