Auto Gas Analyzer

The Auto Gas emissions analyzer is a rugged, portable gas analyzer with PC software capable of running on any Windows® PC. It is designed to be used in an environment where both high durability and excellent accuracy are critical to diagnosing vehicle problems. No external display is required outside of a PC, making the Auto Gas emissions analyzer the most cost-effective choice for a high quality emissions analyzer. Four gas and five gas versions are available providing measurements of HC, CO, CO2, O2, NOx, Lambda and Air Fuel ratio. The analyzer exceeds performance requirements for measurement specifications such as ASM/BAR 97, OIML and BAR90. The analyzer is mounted in a durable case that keeps all connections safe from accidental dropping. The software included makes this a complete stand-alone unit when connected to any PC running Windows 95™, Windows 98™, Windows NT™, Windows ME™, Windows 2000™, Windows XP™ and Windows Vista™ (32-bit version only) with one available com port and one available USB port. An optional kit is available for users with only USB ports.