Training. OnSite & eLearning

To best ensure the quality of its services, Applus has developed in-house training capabilities and provides comprehensive training as an integral part of its customized solutions. Applus professionals develop applicable curriculums and provide training on-site and remotely, via the Internet. More broadly, Applus also provides training to our customer’s personnel as needed to ensure their full understanding and capability to optimize the solutions we deliver.

Applus training—in both classroom and hands-on training, and virtual training sessions—is constructed in modular fashion to provide the greatest flexibility. Internet-based training sessions, for example, include an easy-to-use interface and modular sessions that can be stopped and started, which accommodates users of all proficiency levels. In our emissions inspection programs, for example, inspectors are required to understand and competently use sophisticated testing equipment and to ensure calibrations meet predetermined levels of accuracy before state approved certification is granted. This curriculum includes on-site and hands-on instruction as well as a web-based eLearning program. To date, Applus has trained and certified nearly 50,000 vehicle emissions testing inspectors.
Applus eLearning solutions provide a user-friendly interface developed modularly using the .NET framework. The core engine is designed to be accessed through a web browser, but the modular architecture allows us to adapt the design for a Windows® form-based application as well. The Applus eLearning solution supports multilingual capabilities, integrated audio and visual aids, forward and backward navigation options, customized reporting and a complete administrative portal to help maintain the system.