Applus+ Implements and Operates Vehicle Inspection Program in Massachusetts

October 1, 2016 - Applus+ Automotive recently implemented and now operates the Massachusetts Vehicle Check program. The program supports both motor vehicle emissions and safety testing. The inspection network consists of 1,907 decentralized inspection stations, 7,000 certified inspectors and 10 Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs).

The turnkey system includes a vehicle information database, lane integration control software, video monitoring, a web-enabled dashboard, real-time data exchange and reporting. Applus+ Automotive administers the program website, inspector training, certification testing, and online recertification exams. The division also conducts covert and overt station audits.

The average number of paid inspections annually is 4.7 million. The five-year contract includes three renewal options to potentially extend the partnership for up to 14 years.