Texas Awards Applus+ a New Appointment Solution Contract

April 17, 2019 – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and its Driver License Division (DLD) selects Applus Technologies, Inc. (Applus+) to provide its Appointment Solution. The Appointment Solution streamlines customer arrival patterns and will now integrate with a queue management application to offer additional process efficiencies when customers come into a DLD office for their appointment.

Since 2017, the Applus+ DriveScheduler application has been providing DLD customers with the ability to book appointments online for driver license services offered at selected DLD offices. Under the new contract, DriveScheduler will expand the number of offices using the appointment system and include enhancements such as allowing customers to check in for their appointment using self-service kiosks, and directing customers in queue with public displays and multilingual voice announcements to workstations and DLD service counters based on their appointment type.

Darrin Greene, Chief Executive Officer, Applus Technologies said: “It’s been a great experience to work with DPS over the last several years. We look forward to further supporting their goals for continually improving process efficiencies with the services they provide to their customers and fortifying their customer’s convenience and satisfaction with DPS services.”

DPS provides driver license, identification card, and other services to over seven million customers each year across all DLD offices. Currently, DPS has 229 DLD offices within Texas.

Applus Technologies, Inc. is a full-spectrum provider of vehicle inspection solutions, appointment systems, and electronic driver examination systems worldwide. With certification testing as the common denominator, Applus+ develops hardware and software solutions, provides robust networks and databases, and dashboard management and reporting suites for efficient program administration. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering quality solutions on-time, as promised, to motor vehicle and environmental agencies at all levels - local, state, and national. Our comprehensive solutions and services help jurisdictions achieve their program goals of increased customer satisfaction, better air quality, and safer roads for the citizens they serve.