IT & Related Services

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Applus+ Technologies can leverage its extensive experience as a provider of custom technology solutions to develop a comprehensive, multi-faceted technology solution that can specifically meet all the client’s needs resulting in a versatile integrated application.

Applus+ solutions have been proven to improve operational efficiency and reduce both costs and risks for the client.


Application Development

Applus+ specializes in developing rich, Windows®-form and console-based applications. Applus+ has developed applications for testing equipment, PCs, tablets, mobile devices and self-service kiosks. Our applications are user-friendly and designed to streamline processes and assist our customers to best manage and administer their programs.

Data Protection

As a full-service provider, Applus+ delivers managed recovery and backup services. Today’s backup systems support modern corporate infrastructures, which include remote offices, mobile users and virtual servers or cloud computing environments. Applus+ can help you incorporate data protection backup and strategies to address issues such as:

  • Multiple office locations

  • Back up of laptops and desktops

  • Backup solutions for virtualized environments

  • Disaster recovery

  • Stringent recovery time objectives

Applus+ helps companies improve recovery time objectives and disaster recovery outcomes using backup solutions for an organization’s existing corporate network—a private cloud—via a Software as a Service or SaaS model, public cloud or both.

Database Development

Applus+ specializes in designing, developing and implementing relational database management systems for real-time transaction processing. Applus+ database solutions support: integration with legacy databases across multiple database platforms; expansive reporting requirements and analytics; and robust transaction processing. Applus+ solutions are based on SQL Server, Oracle and MS-Access platforms; and these systems are optimized for enhanced transactional and reporting capabilities.