Storage Solutions

Network-Attached Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to clients. Ideally suited for file-based solutions, NAS offers a familiar file interface for shared storage.

Applus+ optimizes the use of NAS file systems by integrating industry-standard Microsoft and Linux file systems into a unified platform that offers both NAS and SAN storage access. High availability is ensured with embedded failover for virtualized NAS servers while power and cost efficiency is ensured through the use of a unified virtual system that saves 40 percent on rack space, power and cooling. Applus+ can consolidate and simplify legacy storage systems into a scalable and streamlined solution.


SAN Storage

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed network of storage devices that are connected to each other and to a server, or cluster of servers, which act as an access point to the SAN. As IT departments struggle to comply with business continuity initiatives and faster data restoration requirements, companies are transitioning from tape to disk-based backup systems. Coupled with the fact that disk-based systems are now approaching the cost of tape, a new class of secondary storage is being introduced across the enterprise so that data search, access and restore times for backup data can meet real-time requirements. Applus+ can provide a SAN storage solution to ensure your company’s business critical, disk-based data protection receives the priority it deserves.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a relatively new technology integrating remote data storage with an organization’s computing platform via an IP connection. Applus+ provides and maintains cloud or off-site data storage platforms to meet customer needs for reliable and secure data storage.

Increasingly, cloud storage is an integral component of an IT solution as organizations of all sizes need a secure, lower cost data storage solution that can scale to meet growth in data volume – as high as 50 percent per year in many organizations today. In addition, businesses face the growing challenge of how to preserve and access that data long term.

On-site data storage is no longer sufficient to secure an organization’s information asset. Cloud Storage provides a solution superior to on-site storage at a lower cost, robust scalability, reliable security and seamless accessibility.

With a remote “cloud” database, accessible 24/7 via an IP connection, organizations of all sizes lower their storage cost and benefit from a salable storage solution. Applus+ expertise in systems integration provides seamless data access and security with custom configurations for access authorization and authentication to ensure the integrity of individual access levels.