Heavy-Duty Diagnostic

For testing and diagnosing opacity levels for diesel engines, Applus+ offers two different smoke meters: heavy duty meters designed to meet US and Canadian SAE J1667 specifications and light duty MOT meters to meet European specifications. Both models include the latest Windows® diagnostic software that enables vehicles to be quickly tested and diagnosed. Each model is also available as a portable unit connected to a laptop computer or as a complete stand-alone meter with computer workstation. These models are approved in many countries around the world and provide advanced software for diagnosing emissions related problems.


Heavy-Duty SAE J1667 Diesel Smoke Meter

The heavy-duty diesel smoke meter is used in the stack of the vehicle being tested. This meter meets or exceeds the SAE J1667 specifications used in the U.S. and Canada for testing heavy duty vehicles and is approved in many states and provinces. The meter comes standard with the latest in Windows® software for testing and diagnostics. The meter operates from 12 volts DC or from an internal, included battery, and is light and easy to operate. The meter design is durable and made of lightweight, high strength steel. The meter includes a telescopic pole for effortless installation of the smoke head in the vehicle’s exhaust stack.


Light-Duty MOT Diesel Smoke Meter (European Model)

The light-duty MOT diesel smoke meter is designed to meet the opacity measurement requirements of PTB in Germany, MOT in the UK, ISO 3173 and is approved in many countries around the world. It is available in both 110 VAC and 220 / 240 VAC. The package includes a heavy-duty hose and stainless steel probe. The hardware utilizes a green LED (550 – 570 nm) light and compensates the light source for temperature variations. The unit also includes a calibration filter to assure accurate opacity measurement. It is designed to run as a stand-alone meter to be used with a portable or laptop computer or is also available with a heavy duty PC stand. This model is recommended for use in light-duty testing or applications where a partial flow meter is recommended.