OBD Scan Tool

On Board Diagnostics-Second Generation (OBD II), is a computerized system on 1996 & newer model year gasoline cars and light-duty trucks that monitors the operation of emissions-related components and systems.


This sophisticated system detects malfunctioning or deteriorating components and systems before more serious failures occur. Even before the driver of the vehicle might notice a problem, an OBD test identifies what repairs may be needed.

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Remote OBD

Applus+ Technologies engineered and manufactures a remote OBD device for use by motorists, dealerships, and fleet owners. The device provides a convenient self-service option to conduct vehicle emissions tests over the internet. Dealerships and fleet owners purchase the device, while motorists borrow it from participating businesses, such as fueling stations. The compact device plugs into a vehicle’s Data Link Connector to collect emissions data from the vehicle and transmits it to a central vehicle inspection database for test results processing within two (2) minutes. Vehicle inspection results are available online via a web portal.


Auto OBD

This desktop-based diagnostic scanning software gives you a scanning tool that quickly and accurately diagnoses OBDII and emissions-related problems. Auto OBDII includes extensive vehicle coverage for all makes and models. Testing results are accurate and consistent. The tool’s unique functionality also makes it far easier to troubleshoot and clear check engine lights. Auto OBDII is universally generic and SAE J1978-compliant. Auto OBDII reads all emissions-related codes for all vehicles that meet U.S. OBDII standards (all 1996 and newer makes and models). Auto OBDII reads all protocols including: CAN, KWP, ISO, VPW and PWM.


Pocket OBD

On Board Diagnostic (OBD) software provides the basic OBDII functionality found in most high-end scanning tools but adds essential features that separate the amateurs from the real automotive professionals in repairing vehicles correctly. This easy-to-use system makes it a breeze for anyone to diagnose OBDII related vehicle problems. Pocket OBD comes in multiple varieties, one of which will surely meet the needs of any user.