Our History

Texas awards Applus+ a new appointment solution contract.

— 2018
Applus+ is awarded contract renewal in Salt Lake, Utah.

— 2017
Applus+ is awarded new contract in Massachusetts.

— 2016
Applus+ extends contracts in Illinois and Weber County and new contracts are awarded in Idaho, and New York state.

— 2015
Applus+ is awarded a contract extension in Salt Lake, Utah.

— 2014
Applus+ is awarded a new contract in Georgia.

— 2013
Applus+ starts operations in Weber County and is awarded a renewed contract in Washington state.

— 2012
Applus+ is awarded a renewed contract in Connecticut and awarded a new contract in Salt Lake, Utah.

— 2011
Applus+ starts operations in Illinois.

— 2008
The Applus+ group of companies is acquired by the Carlyle Group, a global investment firm with more than $97 billion under management. In delivering customized testing and system integration solutions for emissions inspection programs in the U.S. alone, Applus+ has already trained and certified more than 20,000 Applus+ inspectors and that number is growing every day.
— 2007
As part of a strategic realignment to focus on quality, testing and certification, the Applus+ brand is created in 2003 and the U.S. firm name is changed from Agbar Technologies to Applus+ Technologies, Inc.
— 2003
The company sets out its strategic vision and the Applus+ brand is launched worldwide. By 2002, the firm has become America’s most experienced program management contractor in the field of vehicle safety inspection and emissions testing.
— 2002
Applus+ enters the US Market through the acquisition of Keating, the market leader in vehicle emissions control.
— 2000
Applus+ Technologies, Inc. is founded to provide vehicle emissions inspection services necessary for state compliance with the clean air mandates enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
— 1996