Motor Voter & Organ Donor Applications

Many motor vehicle agencies provide their customers with voter registration and organ donor enrollment services. Applus+ provides a self-service kiosk solution to allow agency customers to conduct these transactions themselves.

As a result, the agencies save time in processing the transactions, thereby reducing their costs, and the customers experience convenience with the process efficiency.


The Applus+ Motor Voter & Organ Donor applications utilize a touchscreen tablet mounted at each customer service position to complete the transactions. The self-service solution captures the customer’s electronic signature for the purpose of certifying the information provided is true and correct.

The applications interact with motor vehicle backend processing systems, and transmits complete transactions to various agency systems, such as the State Board of Elections. The solutions provide motor vehicle agencies with web-based access to key oversight modules: administrative, device management, reporting, and training. The applications reduce demand on agency staff and improves the customer’s experience.